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"A Half a Million Bob Seger Fans Can't Be Wrong!"
With over 500,000 Downloads/Streams/Sales of the "Turn The Page - Tribute to Bob Seger" recordings on services like Itunes, Spotify, Rhapsody etc....the fans are proving that "Turn The Page" is the most musically acccurate and best sounding Bob Seger Tribute to date! 
The Live "Turn The Page " show brings that same energy and excitement to the stage as they faithfully reproduce all the Bob Seger classics that have made him a Legend. 
The only way to get a more authentic Bob Seger experience is to see Seger himself.
Find out why CNBC News has called "Turn The Page" one of the nations top tribute bands! Give us a listen, come to or book a show...."Turn The Page" will provide the "Old Time Rock and Roll" that will make you remember why "Rock and Roll Never Forgets!"
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  • New Album "Soundtrack" Now Available!

    IT'S HERE! The new album by Turn The Page...."Soundtrack - Tribute to Bob Seger At The Movies"! This is the first time all the Bob Seger "Movie" songs have been put together in one collection. This Album also has a Special Appearance from members of the Brian Setzer Orchestra… Read More +
  • New TTP Project "SoundTrack" Coming Soon!

    The finishing touches are now being completed for the latest TTP recordings! It has been said that the music of Bob Seger has become the soundtrack to our lives. Often times, hearing one of his songs will suddenly take us back to a special time and place and we instantly re-live those… Read More +
  • Welcome To The New TTP Website!

    With everyone being connected now, thru the various social media outlets, we decided to update our site to make it as easy as possible keep up with all the TTP activities. We’ve included links for all the major sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…) cause we REALLY want you to be our friend,… Read More +
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Turn The Page - Live

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